Branch Council

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CPSU's Victorian Branch Council is made up of the Branch Officers and Branch Councillors elected for a four year term from each of the ten Branch Electorates.

The number of Branch Councillors from each electorate will vary according to the size of the electorate.

The Branch Council is subject to the lawful direction of the Federal Council and Federal Executive and manages the business and affairs of the Victorian Branch.

The current CPSU Branch Council comprises the following representatives (2020-2024):

  • Karen Batt (Secretary)
  • Wayne Townsend (Assistant Secretary)
  • Peter Lillywhite (President)
  • Carol Bakker (Vice President)
  • Mark Halden (Vice President)

  • Aaron Crump (Barwon/South Western Region)
  • Aaron Van Winden (Barwon/South Western Region)
  • Meaghan Smith (Barwon/South Western Region)

  • Celia Tran (Central Agencies)
  • Greg Healy (Central Agencies)
  • Marina Grobisa (Central Agencies)
  • Rheimia Cerezo (Central Agencies)
  • Stephen Walsh (Central Agencies)

  • Christopher Perry (Education)
  • Jessica Brosnan (Education)

  • Adam Lehmann (Gippsland Region)

  • Aiden Marcucci (Health & Community Services)
  • Leah Gullan (Health & Community Services)
  • Maggie Laurie (Health & Community Services)

  • Candice Sallama (Justice)
  • Chris Comeros (Justice)
  • Catherine Baldwin (Justice)
  • Charlie Marmara (Justice)
  • Dean Crouch (Justice)
  • Kathleen Poel (Justice)

  • Aaron Letica (North Eastern Region)
  • Ross Grant (North Eastern Region)

  • Hilary Makepeace (North Western Region)
  • Stephen Patterson (North Western Region)

  • Eleanor Snowden (Resources)
  • Travis Batesmith (Resources)
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