How do we win?

Updated 1 year ago

Our pay and conditions of employment did not just appear from thin air – everything that we have has been fought for and won.

Just as CPSU fights to protect and advance the rights and interests of our members, the Employer will fight for what it considers to be in its interest.

This unfortunately often means trying to minimise pay increases and removing conditions.

Our Union has a proud record of keeping our members well ahead of average Australian wage growth and the cost of living.

In fact, the improvements to wages and conditions that we have fought for and won are amongst the very best in Victoria.

Under our 2016 EBA CPSU won 3.25% annual wage increases paid in two instalments during each of the last four years.

This time around the Victorian Government is trying and force a wage increase on their employees that is less than the anticipated cost of living.

This is not good enough and our members demand better.

We expect the State of Victoria to recognise, value and respect you and the work you do.

We expect the State of Victoria to compensate you fairly for every minute you spend at work, sacrificing time with your family and friends in order to keep delivering services to our community.

But ultimately, respect isn't given – respect is won.

If we are going to win, we need to be united, we need to be strong and we need to be ready to fight for what we deserve.

It is critical that in the lead up to the current Agreements nominal expiry on 31st December that all VPS employees consider joining the union.

We are stronger and better off when we’re all standing together – and now is not the time for spectators standing on the sidelines.

If you are aware of any colleague who is not yet a union member, we encourage you to discuss the benefits of union membership and ask them to join CPSU today!

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