Protected Action Ballot to Commence at Port Phillip Prison

Updated 1 month ago

CPSU members are fighting for a fair deal at Port Phillip Prison and members will soon be asked to vote in our Protected Action Ballot being run by the Australian Electoral Commission.  CPSU immediately commenced the process for our members to take protected industrial action in support of reaching a fair deal at Port Phillip Prison after 97.67% of officers voted to reject G4S’ lousy offer of 1.85%.
CPSU encourages all members to VOTE YES to take protected industrial action.

This will mean that CPSU members should VOTE YES for each of the 34 actions contained on the ballot.

You can expect to receive further information from the AEC about the upcoming ballot.

The ballot will be conducted via mail with the AEC posting all ballot materials to CPSU members (to your home address), and you will need to return your ballot before the deadline in the post.

We encourage all members to complete and return you ballot via mail as soon as you receive it.

This ballot will be conducted according to tight timeframes, and we want to make sure that your vote is counted.

G4S/Port Phillip Management have been asked to distribute a notice to employees with information regarding the protected action ballot.

All further queries regarding the ballot should be directed to the AEC.

If members have any questions about our protected industrial action you are encouraged to contact Charlie Marmara or CPSU Organiser Clay O’Brien directly.

CPSU continues to advocate for members interests, and this is an opportunity to remind your colleagues about the benefits of union membership.

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