Overwhelming Majority for New EA at Ravenhall CC

Updated 7 days ago

The new proposed EA at the privately run Ravenhall Correctional Centre has received overwhelming support.

169 YES votes
21 = NO votes

191 votes received of which 1 was invalid.

CPSU members continued to fight for a fair deal after unanimously opposing the 1.7% previously offered.

After further negotiations GEO and CPSU managed to reach a settlement to be put to Officers at Ravenhall for a;

•    18 month agreement
•    Straight “rollover” over current agreement with no changes to any conditions
•    2.5% salary increase backdated to date on in-principle agreement between the parties payable upon approval by Fair Work
•    A second 2.5% increase 12 months after Fair Work approval
•    Agreement to commence re-negotiations six months before expiry


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