Film Victoria Enterprise Agreement Approved by Fair Work

Updated 1 year ago

Our Film Victoria Enterprise Agreement was approved by the Fair Work Commission (FWC) on 24 May and comes into effect on 31 May 2021.

Salary increases are backdated to March 2020 with employees receiving a 2% pay rise with a 1.25% flexible working allowance.

Other pay increases as follows;

·20 March 2020: 1.5% (Back Paid)
·1 December 2020: 1.25% (Back Paid)
·1 September 2021: 1.5%
·1 June 2022: 1.25%
·1 March 2023: 1.5%
·1 December 2023: 1%

The 1.25% flexible work allowance is paid on 1st July each year of Agreement.

New conditions of employment including improved parental leave, long service leave, and includes a model gender equality provision, amongst other improvements.

CPSU continues to advocate for members interests, and this is an opportunity to remind your colleagues about the benefits of union membership.

Should you want to discuss the contents of this bulletin or have any other workplace issue, please contact Donna Shell.

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