Our CoINVEST Agreement approved by Fair Work

Updated 20 days ago

Our new Agreement has now been approved by the Fair Work Commission and will formally apply in 7 days, on 3rd June 2021.

CPSU, our Delegates, and members worked hard to negotiate a positive new Agreement for CoINVEST.

Members have already seen a number of benefits from the Agreement, with 3% salary increases paid last year, and a choice of an additional $1028.40 Recognition payment (pro-rata) before Christmas, or an additional 3 days leave.

Some of the highlights and improvements CPSU negotiated include:

•    3% salary increase per annum,
•    Plus choice of extra $1028.40 Recognition payment, or 3 additional leave days,
•    increased compassionate leave of 3 days, & expansion to cover ‘pressing necessity’,
•    increased personal & carer’s leave, 6 days without certificate, and attendance for medical appointments also included
•    20 days paid Family violence leave, including casuals where they would be usually rostered to work
•    New Community Service leave to volunteer, 1 day
•    State of Emergency (& Pandemic) leave, up to 2 weeks paid leave
•    Removal of stand down provisions
•    Gender Equity clause, principles, GE Action Plan
•    Improved Anti Discrimination clause
•    Improved Implementation of Change
•    Joint CPSU CoINVEST Working groups on superannuation, Gender Equality & Classification review
•    Overtime now for all grades, incl 5 & 6
•    Time in Lieu accrues at equivalent overtime rate
•    Overtime - Childcare and other dependent care expenses
•    Flexitime G1-4, RDOs G5-6
•    New 4 hours minimum for Sunday
•    Redundancy improved
•    Improved Parental Leave, 16 weeks primary, 6 weeks secondary, Super paid on any unpaid portion of leave for both primary & secondary carer up to first 12 months, including casuals, provisions to share care more equally, threshold of service reduced to 6 months for paid parental leave. adoption, permanent care etc included
•    Pre-adoption leave 2 days paid
•    Increase to base progression, & changing test to ‘met’ value add criteria
•    New allowances - Mental Health First Aide, overtime meal payment, etc
•    all allowances increase annually in line with pay rises
•    Improved on call, call out, recall & new disturbance payment of 3 hours overtime
•    Safe and respectful workplaces
•    Improved dispute resolution,
•    Improved definitions
•    Improved flexibility and WFH
•    Improved employment security, &  improved conditions for casuals
•    Christmas Shutdown 1.5 days paid leave
•    Improved 10 days/2 years union training leave
•    Improved workload clause
•    Salary Continuance Insurance, & review by Consultative committee annually before renewal
•    Superannuation 10.5%, and maintained at 1% above SG

It’s a great time to invite colleagues to join CPSU if they haven’t done so yet.    .

Please contact CPSU Industrial Officer Mandy Coulson or SMS on 0439 573 410, or your CPSU delegates Richard Grogan, Helen Smart, Rory Bampton and Matt McPhee, with any queries about CPSU membership, our Agreement, or organising to make our workplace a better place.

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