9pm-5am Curfew included as Lockdown further Extended

Updated 1 year ago

After almost two weeks of restrictions in Victoria, it’s clear the number of coronavirus cases out in the community is still too high, it’s spreading too far and there are too many exposure sites cropping up every day.

The average exposure days, the number of days an infectious person is out in the community, was 0.61 and declining at this point of our previous outbreak. In the current outbreak the average exposure days is 1.8. To put that more simply: cases diagnosed yesterday were infectious in the community for a total of 15 days, compared to 0 for the same point during the last outbreak.

Further changes include:

* Playgrounds, basketball hoops, skate parks and outdoor exercise equipment closed.

* People will not be able to remove their masks to drink alcohol in public.

* Permits for people leaving home for authorized work, consistent with arrangements in place last year.

* Staffing reduced on large scale construction sites to 25 per cent of five workers on site, whichever is higher

* Exercise restricted to with just one other person, plus dependents if they cannot be left at home. (No more household walks).

* No leaving home during curfew hours for intimate partner or single bubble visits.

* Religious broadcasts limited to same 5 people every time.

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