Statewide Savings Stupidity ahead of Election Budget Spend

Updated 1 month ago

The Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) has announced a series of restructures affecting large parts of the Department.  This restructure is linked to budget savings required by the Victorian Government from last year as outlined in earlier news stories.

Namely, all Departments and Agencies are required to contribute $1.8 billion in savings over the forward estimates (4 years).

Treasury demand service delivery Departments deliver last years savings from base reviews conducted pre bushfires and pandemic in 2019 while knowing full well there's new money coming from initiatives in this year’s state budget.

Effectively the Jobs Department is losing jobs.  It's literally Treasury imposed madness.

The Department must consult on its plans which we are told involve 203 positions to go across DJPR with 115 new positions created, resulting in a net loss of 88 jobs.  Within AgVic 85 positions will be lost with 32 new positions resulting in a net loss of 53.  Including the Early Retirement Scheme positions vacated last month, a total of 109 positions will no longer remain in Agriculture Victoria.  

The savings seem to unfairly be heavily weighted to AgVic, a specialised revenue producing service delivery agency, where the skills lost will not be easily replaced.

CPSU Secretary Karen Batt discusses these job cuts on ABC Country Hour   (Intro and then from 10.58 min)

All jobs fall under our transition arrangements with the Government and staff must be given opportunities to be placed.

CPSU remains committed to fighting for jobs and the rights of members – we encourage everyone to speak to colleagues about joining

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