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Pay Increases, Parental Leave, Job Protection and Collective Bargaining are just the beginning. CPSU membership provides so much more.

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Less than $25,001 ($10.55 fortnight, $274.30 annual)
$25,001 - $51,716 ($19.55 fortnight, $508.30 annual)
$51,717 - $67,865 ($27.50 fortnight, $715.00 annual)
$67,866 - $84,018 ($29.05 fortnight, $755.30 annual)
$84,019 - $96,941 ($30.75 fortnight, $799.50 annual)
$96,942 - $118,907 ($32.55 fortnight, $846.30 annual)
$118,908 and greater ($34.35 fortnight, $893.10 annual)
Executive Officers ($36.25 fortnight, $942.50 annual)
Retired Officers ($45 annual)
Associate Member ($46 annual)
Leave without pay ($5.75 quarter, $23 annual)
*Rates applicable 1 Jan 2019 to 30 Jun 2019

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I hereby apply to join the Community and Public Sector Union/State Public Services Federation Group (CPSU/SPSF) Victorian Branch and agree to comply with the rules and bylaws of the Union.


Before you submit this form, however, we'd like you to read a few quick fine details about your membership. We want you to know how we handle your private information, about our special campaign levy for first year members, how you go about resigning from the union if you change jobs in the future, and when you can expect to receive your new Membership Card and other information from us.