Application for Representation

Community and Public Sector Union Victoria (CPSU)

  • Application for Representation

    To obtain assistance from CPSU, complete the application below.

    The Application for Representation form asks you to detail exactly what your problem is, what you've done about it so far, and what or how you would like the union to help.

    When you submit your application for representation your case is processed and managed by the CPSU's Entitlements and Compliance Team.

    Your case will be assigned to one of our skilled, experienced and professional Industrial Officers. You will be assigned a personal case number and then contacted to discuss your issue further. We will not commence any official proceedings or contact your management before we have discussed the case personally with you.

    Before you apply:

    Our Application for Representation is the first step for CPSU members in getting direct assistance from the union*. Complete your details in this form, and a CPSU Industrial Officer will be assigned to your case to help solve your problem.

    Have you?

    * Applicants please note that the CPSU reserves the right to accept or reject any application and may, at any time, discontinue representation. Non members should note our pre-existing issues policy

    Membership Details

    Contact Details

    Preferred contact method

    Workplace Details

    Issue Details

    Please provide a detailed explanation of the issue you want help with. Provide as many facts as possible outlining such things as how the issue started, who is involved (people), what information and evidence you can provide to help us sort the issue out.
    Please detail exactly how you would like this problem to be resolved.
    Let us know the steps you have taken so far to try and resolve this problem.

    If you have any digital documents you would like to send us supporting your issue, please attach them here. Alternatively you may email to or fax us on (03) 9662 4591.

    Please note that the CPSU reserves the right to accept or reject any application and may at anytime discontinue representation.

    Where applicable, please ensure you have:

    • Provided your preferred method of contact and the relevant details
    • Provided the name and number of the relevant decision maker
    • Attached copies of relevant documentation
    • Advised your CPSU workplace delegate of your issue