Bushfire Victims Member Fee Relief

Community and Public Sector Union Victoria (CPSU)

  • Bushfire Victims Member Fee Relief
    Updated 4 months ago
    CPSU has established a special hardship provision for members who are financially affected by bushfires this season.  CPSU may provide up to 3 months suspension of membership fees for a member who requests some financial breathing space as a result of being severely financially impacted by bushfire.  Suspension in this case means that no fees will be charged to the member for the period of the suspension; their membership for that period will be free.  The member can make the request via email, fax, post or – in the case that none of these tools are available, by SMS, to CPSU Emergency Fire Hotline on 0417 130 323.
    Each request will be individually approved by the CPSU Membership Services Coordinator or Membership Manager and the Branch Executive will be notified of each instance.
    The member will be notified of the start and end date of the period of suspension. Normal subscription rates will resume at the end of the suspension period as per CPSU rules.