Brace Yourself - Twenty20 is Coming

Community and Public Sector Union Victoria (CPSU)

  • Brace Yourself - Twenty20 is Coming
    Updated 1 year ago
    Our current Agreement contains all our entitlements at work and will nominally expire on 31st December 2019.  Take our workplace bargaining survey to have your say about your pay.  What are your issues and priorities? 
    1. Is recognition of skills/quals as important as professional development?
    2. What about office accommodation standards & carbon neutrality?
    3. Is workload & job security more or equally as important as wage increases?
    4. What about career path opportunities?  Top of grade payments?
    5. What about workplace culture?  Management and staff relations?
    6. How much superannuation?  Gender pay equality?
    7. Is health & safety the most important issue as well as work systems?
    Bargaining will occur under the protections provided by the federal Fair Work legislation and CPSU members are automatically represented.  Let your colleague know that the best way to have a voice and their views represented is to join CPSU.
    Join the people who are working to make the Victorian Public Service a better, fairer place for workers, clients, and the community.