Serco Wins State Contract then Axes Camera Operators

Community and Public Sector Union Victoria (CPSU)

  • Serco Wins State Contract then Axes Camera Operators
    Updated 3 months ago
    CPSU held teleconferences last week to discuss SERCO’s plan to scrap 64 Group 4 roles and to make people apply for jobs with less pay or be made redundant.  We believe that these are not genuine redundancies and any changes to your roles should be dealt with through Enterprise Bargaining.  CPSU wrote to SERCO to formally notify the company that we want to commence pay negotiations without delay and that the proposed redundancies are not genuine.

    SERCO has responded to CPSU’s request and have refused to commence bargaining and cease redundancies.

    Request to commence negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement

    We note the request from the CPSU in your email dated 6 November 2019 for Serco to commence negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement. We advise that at this point in time, Serco is not in a position to commence negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement.  We note that the terms of the existing Enterprise Agreement continues, though it has reached its nominal expiry date.  We wish to continue to focus our attention on delivering our proposed transformation changes, not only to achieve our proposed operational changes, but also to provide certainty for the impacted employees now that we have commenced the proposed changes. We do note the CPSU view that the proposed changes could potentially be resolved through Enterpriser Agreement negotiations.  However, our preferred view is to realise the proposed changes through the change consultation process we have already instigated. Serco will seek to revert in due course on commencement of negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement.

    Serco’s reason to delay bargaining is simple.   It is empowered to implement these reprehensible cuts right on Christmas through the change process and the workforce is not.

    CPSU is incredibly disappointed that SERCO seeks to slash pay and jobs 6 weeks from Christmas after winning a new lucrative contract which has also increased revenue to by 70%.

    CPSU will be fighting this in Fair Work and will be seeking to start bargaining for better pay and entitlements immediately.