Community and Public Sector Union Victoria (CPSU)

  • Women of Colour Conference an Important Conversation Starter
    Updated 14 days ago
    Our inaugural Women of Colour Conference saw so many women come together at the Immigration Museum to share their experiences, insights and ideas.  Understanding our diverse public sector workforce and the systemic barriers and the challenges faced daily by Women of Colour at work was the focus of a one day conference in Melbourne.  The barriers and challenges our members face in their workplace, including difficulties accessing development and promotion, their experiences of bullying and discrimination, and the lack of Women of Colour represented in leadership positions were the topics discussed.  CPSU sees our Conference as the first step in an important conversation between Women of Colour and the union movement with the issues we’ve discussed to inform CPSU’s future work with Women of Colour.
    A big shout out to everyone who participated and has made this event possible.