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Why should you join CPSU?

CPSU Victoria are the Community and Public Sector Union who represent the Victorian Public Service (VPS) and related agencies.

Joining CPSU is about improving the working environment for members. Rates of pay, career structures and employment conditions are all based within the Award and Agreements negotiated by unions. For example, CPSU negotiated the Victorian Public Service Enterprise Agreement that ensures your wage increases each year. By joining CPSU you are ensuring you have a team behind you to help negotiate these wages and conditions. The more members our union has the stronger our negotiation position and better off every worker is.

CPSU membership is also protection for your most important asset-your job. With employment and working conditions becoming less secure every day, union membership is an essential way to ensure you have immediate access to experienced industrial advisors and their advice when you need it most. CPSU membership gives you access to our Industrial Specialists so when you have questions about your rights and entitlements, you know who to call. If you ever feel like your workplace is acting improperly or not giving you the correct wage or conditions you can contact us and our team and let us help you ensure you are treated fairly.

Joining us also gives you access to exclusive training and development opportunities. From health and safety courses, workplace gender equality training to the popular public sector courses in areas such as administration or policy and project work. Being a member gives you access to multiple opportunities to develop and gain an edge in a competitive job market.

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CPSU is for You

Here are some things CPSU can assist current members with:

CPSU provides a free phone service for members who simply want advice on their rights and entitlements. Sometimes, things don't seem right, and a quick phone call to the Union can set things right.
CPSU is well-versed in this area of industrial law. We have represented many people in the state and federal tribunals.
Exclusive service
CPSU respects the rights of our existing membership to have an exclusive service.
General Protections
The Fair Work Act governs your rights at work. We take breaches of the Fair Work Act to the Fair Work Commission or the court.
General & selection grievances
VPS employees have a right to be treated fairly and reasonably. CPSU is highly skilled in advocating on your behalf before a Hearing Officer or Hearing Panel.
Pay and entitlements
Not sure you're being paid correctly? CPSU has the expertise to assist, whether it be advice or direct representation. This may be anything to do with pay anomalies through to grievances on amending hours of work for part-timers.
Unfair dismissal
Sometimes, management get it wrong. We assess your case to see if you have rights to protect, and can advocate on your behalf before the Fair Work Commission.
Use our lawyer
CPSU membership is much cheaper than paying for your own private lawyer. Appointments require prior approval from CPSU
Workplace bullying
We assist you through every step of the bullying complaint through to the outcome of the investigation process.
Misconduct and other processes
Workplace protection, advice and representation regarding misconduct allegations and investigations.


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