Who We Are

Updated 22/06/2023

CPSU Victoria are the Community and Public Sector Union who represent the Victorian Public Service (VPS) and related agencies.

Unions are organisations formed by workers with a common purpose to improve their pay and working conditions. Unions select representatives to negotiate with employers in a process known as collective bargaining. When successful, the bargaining results in an Enterprise Agreement that improve wages and workplace conditions.

Unions have a democratic structure, holding elections to choose officers who are responsible for making decisions that are beneficial to the members. Employees pay dues to the union, and in return, the union acts as an advocate on the employees' behalf. Unions are not funded by Commonwealth or state government and act independently to support their members.

Joining CPSU is about improving the working environment for members. Rates of pay, career structures and employment conditions are all based within the Award and Agreements negotiated by unions. For example, CPSU negotiated the Victorian Public Service Enterprise Agreement that ensures your wage increases each year. By joining CPSU you are ensuring you have a team behind you to help negotiate these wages and conditions. The more members our union has the stronger our negotiation position and better off every worker is.

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