Alterations of Other Rules Declaration

Updated 22/04/2016

126 Alteration of other rules of organisations (s 159 (1))

(1) For subsection 159 (1) of the Act, if an alteration of the rules (other than the eligibility rules) of an organisation is made, the organisation, within 35 days after the alteration is made, or within any additional period the General Manager allows, must:

(a) lodge with the FWC a notice setting out the particulars of the alteration; and

(b) if the organisation has a web site—publish on its web site a notice that the notice mentioned in paragraph (a) has been lodged.

(2) The notice must contain a declaration, signed by an officer of the organisation authorised to sign the declaration, stating:

(a) that the alteration was made in accordance with the rules of the organisation; and

(b) the action taken under those rules to make the alteration; and

(c) that the particulars set out in the notice are true and correct to the best of the knowledge and belief of the signatory.

(3) The General Manager may refuse to certify, under subsection 159 (1) of the Act, an alteration of the rules unless this regulation is complied with.

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