Classification Matters

Updated 26/06/2023

"Work value" is an industrial term, meaning the essential use or value to the employer of a particular job or position. The proper assessment of work value includes such elements as the comparative levels of a job's responsibility, complexity, judgment, skills and knowledge. Our classification structures are based on these elements, so that increases in work value should be echoed in a job's classification level. The job's work value is established through a comparison of its required tasks, responsibilities, skills etc with the narrative descriptors at the correct classification level.

There are descriptors for each classification level are in most CPSU Collective Agreements.

If you believe you may not be correctly classified, you should gather all the formal, documentary evidence you can to support your argument that the level at which your work is required to be performed meets‚ on balance‚ the descriptors for a higher level. Specific examples of where you fulfill the higher level descriptors will be necessary. Your performance plans are also solid proof of the level of work/responsibility required of you.

CPSU can provide you with an opinion as to whether you are or are not correctly classified.

CPSU's Entitlements and Compliance Team (E&CT) can provide advice on the best way to go about seeking reclassification. Please contact E&CT via contact page if you have any questions or need assistance.