Updated 26/06/2023

Most enterprise agreements provide for progression to a higher pay point if the yearly agreed progression criteria are met and the employee is not at the top of their grade.

If you believe you should have received progression but did not, you should contact CPSU immediately to discuss the matter.

In contrast to the descriptors which describe the value of the work, the performance cycle describes what you actually do. Performance plans are to be negotiated between an employee and employer and of course you should not agree to anything that is not measurable, not achievable or not within your control. Performance measures cannot just be imposed on you, there has to be genuine consultation about the proposed measures.

Training and development is often a required feature of the progression cycle. You cannot be denied a performance outcome if you have not been accorded a training and development opportunity through the cycle.

Contact your CPSU Organiser or email via contact page if you have any questions about progression.