Going on a parental leave

Updated 27/06/2023

CPSU membership rates are based on your income from your employment.

This means that if your income changes as a result of taking parental leave, your membership rates can be adjusted to take that into account.

If you are receiving full pay from your employer, your membership rates will stay the same.

If you are taking your employment entitlement to parental leave on full pay, your rates also stay the same.

If you are receiving your employment entitlement to parental leave on a reduced rate, such as half-pay, then your subscription rates may change to reflect the lower level of income.

If you are receiving the Commonwealth Government parental leave entitlement, this does not count as income for the purposes of CPSU membership fees.

The best way to have your subscription rates adjusted when taking parental leave is to contact the union about it. A simple way to do this would be login and navigate to My Account > Employment. Or if you don't have a login account send an email via contact page detailing the dates that you are planning for your parental leave, and any changes in pay that are likely to occur. One of our membership team will work with you to make sure you are paying the correct rates.

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