Setup Direct Debit

Set up a new Direct Debit or change details for an existing bank or a credit card.

Service agreement

  1. CPSU/SPSF Group Vic Branch (the “Debit User”) will debit the BSB/ Account nominated in The Schedule of this Direct Debit Request as specified.
  2. The direct Debit User will give not less than 14 days written notice to the Customer should it propose to vary the arrangements of this Direct Debit Request.
  3. The Customer(s) may request the Debit User to defer or alter the payment amount specified in the Schedule of this Direct Debit Request. Customer(s) may change the Frequency of payment, or the payment amount in accordance with CPSU/SPSF Group Vic Branch rules.
  4. In compliance with the industry’s Direct Debit Claims Process, the Debit User will assist customer(s) disputing any payment amount drawn on the nominated BSB/Account in The Schedule of this Direct Debit Request. The Debit User will endeavor to resolve this matter within the industry agreed time frames. Customer(s) may visit any branch of their bank and complete a “Direct Debit System Claim Request” form to initiate the process.
  5. The Debit User advises that some Financial Institution accounts do not facilitate direct debits and as such the customer(s) must check with their Financial Institution (Ledger FI) to ensure the account nominated in The Schedule of this Direct Debit Request enables direct debiting.
  6. It is the customer(s) responsibility to ensure at all times there is sufficient funds available, at the due date of debit drawing, to enable payment from the BSB/Account as nominated in The Schedule of this Direct Debit Request.
  7. The Debit User advises the debit drawing will be made in accordance with CPSU Rules and as determined or changed from time to time by Branch Council.
  8. Customer(s) who wish to cancel this Direct Debit Request must notify the Debit user in writing not less than 7 days before the next scheduled debit drawing. This request may be directed to the Debit User or to their Ledger FI for actioning.
  9. The Debit user requests the Customer(s) to direct all enquiries, disputes requests for payment or cancellations directly to the Debit User.
  10. The Debit User agrees to keep confidential all customer(s) records and account details contained in The Schedule of this Direct Debit Request unless authorised to release such information pursuant to a debit item dispute or similar event where the customer(s) has provided prior consent to do so, or unless relevant statutory obligations require such information to be released.

Privacy statement

CPSU is committed to your privacy. CPSU/SPSF Group Vic Branch complies with the provisions of the Commonwealth Privacy Act and only collects information about you for union related purposes. The information provided in this form is used to enable the union to contact you about matters relating to your union membership and to ensure that we have the necessary information to represent your employment and related interests. A full privacy statement is available here.

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