CenITex - Shared Services - New Entity Launched

Updated 22/04/2016

A proposal to amalgamate several shared services across the public sector into a new entity has been announced.

‚Äö?Ñ??CenITex has been established by Order in Council as a State body under the State Owned Enterprise Act 1992 and will finally end the disaggregation from the Kennett 'francise' years with the WOVG ETS proposal affecting several Departments including;


As part of the whole-of-government proposed Shared Services Strategy, CPSU has recently received the proposed organisational structure for CenITex.

It is proposed that CenITex be compromised of the existing Shared Services Centre and the majority of Information and Technology Services.

The rationale provided for the proposed organisational structure is as follows:

- improve client relationships with our existing customers and build foundation for growth

- improve services delivery through clear lines of accountability

- strengthen our ability to contribute to Victoria s economic performance by supporting the WOVG s ICT Initiatives

- Increase emphasis on our people through the establishment of a Human Capital function

CPSU has been assured that CenITex is as a State body under the State Owned Enterprise Act 1992; and also a Declared Authority pursuant to section 104 of the Public Administration Act 2004. As such, CenITex is a respondent to the Victorian Public Service 2006 Agreement.

Under our VPSA 2006, members are entitled to genuine consultation over workplace change.

Concerned members should contact their relevant Industrial Organiser or the Industrial Organiser for DTF, Yana Canteloupe, on 9639 1822 or ycanteloupe@cpsuvic.org by Wednesday, 10th September.

To read correspondence with CPSU, click here:

These whole of Government initiatives are the responsibility of DTF's Government Services Group (GSG).

CenITex is assisting GSG with the WOVG Efficiency Technology Services project.

It is proposed that the new entity be comprised of the employees from the Shared Services Centre (SSC) and the Information and Technology Services (IT&S) work unit, and sit within the Treasury and Finance portfolio.

It is expected that the consultation process will take some time.

Nonetheless, concerned members should start contacting their relevant Industrial Organiser or the Industrial Organiser for DPI, DPCD, DTF and DOT, Yana Canteloupe, on 9639 1822.

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