The Torch - Workplace Agreement - Update 9/2008

Updated 22/04/2016

Parties Reach In-Principle Agreement - Yippee!

After many months of intense negotiations, CPSU and the other unions have just reached an in-principle agreement with DEECD on the pay and conditions to apply to 17,000 Education Support staff in schools until April 2012.

The School Services Officer structure has been renamed "Education Support" to reflect the significant changes to both the pay structure and dimensions of work.

CPSU believes this is the best bargaining outcome we have achieved for Education Support staff to date. It compares favourably to other major public sector Agreements, and was achieved without the pain of industrial action.

Click here to view/print the final proposed Agreement and the translation document and CPSU will seek an indicative vote of members this week so if you are not already a member of CPSU, now is the time to join to have your say!

Key Outcomes:

- Delivers pay rises in each year of Agreement:
- 4.90%, 2.71%, 2.71%, 2.71%.
- Introduces a new improved two-leveled classification structure that increases the opportunity for advancement without
- Preserves the right of a current SSO3 to seek a range review to progress to ES Level 2, without advertisement.
(members should seek CPSU assistance to apply for a Range review)
- Significantly increases the base rate at Range 1.
- Delivers between 4% to 8% per annum over 4 years, due to alterations in the incremental structure.
- Includes a sign-on payment to compensate for the delay in reaching agreement, and to reimburse ES staff the cost of
Working With Children Checks. The varied amounts take in to account % differences ES staff receive on translation.
Amounts range from a minimum flat rate of $100, to either $500 or $1000 paid on a pro rata basis for part time
- Provides for special payments (minimum $500)
- Recall arrangements remain unchanged.
- Introduces a common progression date of 1st May and provides a one-off transition payment to SSOs whose salary
progression is delayed beyond 12 months.
- Improves Dimensions of Work
- Replaces the medical intervention allowance and instead ensures that ES staff who perform medical intervention are
classified at Range 2 as a minimum
- Provides opportunities for Aides who supervise others or whose work requires specialised training to advance to Range 2
- Enshrines technical work at Range 2 as a minimum so that all technicians will advance to the top of what is currently
Range 3
- Increases the mandatory qualification minimum (4-year qualification) to Level 2
- Clarifies Administration roles, and sets the minimum for a Management role at Level 2 (currently Range 4). CPSU
believes this is the minimum Level for a Business Manager.
- Increases Allowances in line with salary increases.
- Continues school based consultation.

CPSU will be holding a number of information sessions in each region - stay tuned for details or you can contact our Schools Team Leader Nicky Kepert at or our Schools Organiser Geraldine Hughes at or phone 9639 1822 or toll free n 1800 810 153 to arrange a meeting at your school or network.

Union membership made this Agreement possible.

Please distribute this information to colleagues and encourage them to join CPSU - CPSU puts SSOs first and foremost!

CPSU Victorian Branch Secretary

Friday 17 October 2008

Join the Team that Delivers!

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