Prison Blues - Correction Regulations Review

Updated 22/04/2016

Correction Regulations Review

CPSU met with representatives of CV/ DoJ on Tuesday 28th October to commence the consultation process involved in the review of the current Corrections Regulations.

CV advised that the need to review the regulations arose from the sunset provisions and from a need to modernise the application of the regulations to take into account both the Human Rights Charter and some emerging issues in the prisons, such as smoking, computer use etc.

CV have advised that they are interested in broad feedback from operational staff as to what changes, if any, need to be made to the regulations.

The process for change will be focussed on technical amendments not a whole sale rewriting as the Act is not being amended.

Matters that are raised that fall out side of the scope of the review may be taken up by CV in another form such as by Commissioner s Instruction.

Members who are interested in raising issues should email their comments to CPSU's Industrial Officer Christine Kells on by Friday 15th November 2008.

CV expects the public consultation to occur in January 2009.

** Police Checks **

CV have notified CPSU of a proposal to introduce police checks on all staff (both custodial and non custodial) every 5 years as a result of recommendations from the Ombudsman.

This process will initially focus on staff employed between the 1960 s and the 1990 s.

Follow up checks for the remaining staff will be then scheduled.

Click here to view the letter from Rod Wise;

CV and CPSU will be meeting to discuss how staff who are found to have a Police Record that has not been disclosed previously will be treated.

** Industry Staff Work Place Induction/Orientation Process **

The Department has also advised CPSU that due to a recent work place incident at MRC they now intend to introduce an Industry staff work place Induction/Orientation process, some of which has been placed onto the Industry data base.

CPSU has requested a formal notification of change letter on this proposal but if any Industry staff wishes to raise concerns in relation to this proposal at this stage please contact Mark Nestor at Ararat Prison.

CV's letter will be forwarded as it becomes available.

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CPSU Victorian Branch Secretary

Monday, 3 November 2008

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