Parks - Fire Fit Medicals and Task Based Assessments

Updated 22/04/2016

Fire Fit Medicals and Task Based Assessments

CPSU has been receiving numerous calls regarding task based assessments and it is becoming quite clear that there is an obvious attempt at misleading members by the circulation of some information rather than all information and PV members are reminded that neither PV nor DSE management can impose compulsory fitness tests on any VPS/PV employee and CPSU has held a number of meetings with DSE HR to resolve this issue.

Your entitlements regarding this matter are quite clear.

In accordance with VPS fire and emergency employment provisions the issue of fire fit tests (TBA s) solely relates to your standby payments.

Please refer to part 1.10 (Stand By) of this document.

This clearly states that should a worker seek the higher rate of standby payment they may choose to undertake either a fire fit medical and tasked based assessment OR a comprehensive medical.

The objective is to obtain a fire medical assessment rating.

Again this solely relates to your amount of standby and in no way relates to your eligibility for work.

This does not give your employer the right to discriminate against you.

Members are being advised to exercise their rights and insist on a comprehensive medical should they have any objections to the TBA s.

It is your right; your employer must provide it.

Members are also advised that should they feel they are being discriminated against with respect to the issue of fire medicals and involvement in fire work they should initiate a grievance with their employer and seek assistance from CPSU.

For further information on these matters please contact the CPSU on 96391822 or toll free on 1800 810 153.

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CPSU Victorian Branch Secretary

Thursday, 20 November 2008

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