Budget Cuts Leave Labor No Better than Baillieu

Updated 16/06/2023

Every announcement in the budget, every funding initiative, requires public sector / public service personnel to deliver these services.

The government seems to have forgotten this key ingredient with this budget.

If their desire is quality services for Victorians then the budget cuts are counterproductive to achieving this desire.

It seems we've moved from borrowing to protect jobs to cutting jobs to protect the borrowings.

Every year every budget builds in forward estimates and theres no reason this time to cut so heavily in this manufactured time frame accept to fiddle the forwards in a cynical political exercise.

People should come first and public sector workers have families and face cost pressures like everyone else but our members are also passionate about delivering quality public services.

Therefore I want to apologise in advance to all Victorians and say that under this governments budget and without enough staff we will not be in a position to achieve the quality nor time responsiveness on services Victorians should expect.

I ask that you please respect the public sector worker and share their frustration and direct your frustration at those responsible, your government MP.

Karen Batt