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Updated 22/04/2016

Electorate Officers Agreement Update

All Victorian Electorate Officers received a 4.5% pay rise in November due to our maintained nexus between the Commonwealth Electorate Officers Agreement and our Agreement.

Negotiations have been sporadic and slow however Parliament is seeking to discontinue the pay nexus with the Commonwealth.

CPSU will only consider this option if there is a substantial benefit to members.

A number of matters are currently under discussion including:

  • The development of a new, work value based classification structure (similar to the VPS)
  • CPSU log of claim items including: increases to compulsory termination, increases to compassionate leave, improvements to family leave, and the introduction of a 5% commuted overtime system (similar to that applying to Ministerial Advisers)

CPSU will call a meeting early next year to discuss the classification structure with members. If we do decide on a work value based structure, we will need to develop descriptors that will apply to each classification and this will require extensive consultation. Stay tuned!

CPSU Bargaining Representatives

We have experienced some turnover of representatives and we are currently 1 member down.

The current CPSU Bargaining Team comprises: Stephen Paul, Freya Leonard and Nicky Kepert (CPSU Industrial Officer).

Please contact Nicky Kepert at email if you would be interested in joining the Bargaining Team!

If there are more than 2 nominations, an election will need to be held next year.

Best wishes for the Festive Season!


CPSU Victorian Branch Secretary Tuesday, 16 December 2008.

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