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Updated 22/04/2016

Future Directions Review Clarification

CPSU recently received correspondence from DPI clarifying the status of the Future Directions Review as this review has been a long standing issue with CPSU flagging concerns as early as October 2007 then DPI originally framed the review as an implementation of change.

Members subsequently submitted a detailed and highly polished alternative proposal which can be viewed by clicking on this link:

When CPSU sought a response to the alternative proposal, DPI then changed the status of the review stating that;

‚Äö?Ñ??the Future Direction Review conducted by FV proposed no immediate change or subsequent implementation of change.
It is a review of current and future operational requirements .

DPI s recent correspondence confirms this.

Click here to read DPI's letter:

CPSU has no doubt that the quality of the alternative proposal greatly influenced DPI s attitude towards the review and its status.

Our document demonstrates both the knowledge and professionalism of the Fisheries Officers as well as their commitment to working collaboratively to improve service delivery.

CPSU congratulates our Fisheries Officers Association colleagues on their efforts.

CPSU would like to warn members to guard against surreptitious changes that may be attempted on individuals or at individual stations.

Please contact our Fisheries Officers Executive or CPSU's DPI Industrial Organiser Matthew Price by e-mail to should this happen.

CPSU is also pleased to announce that Fisheries Officers will shortly regain access to law enforcement data.

Access to such data was cut without warning early September 2008 despite being integral to safe systems of work for Fisheries Officers undertaking compliance.

Fisheries Officers tolerated a year without access and compromised occupational safety before approaching CPSU to resolve the matter.

CPSU worked with relevant parties to finalise access in just three weeks.

CPSU understands that Fisheries Officers will undertake training in accessing the data after which their safe systems of work will return to appropriate standards.

CPSU Organisers look forward to catching up with all Fisheries Officers at the upcoming AGM.

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24 September 2009

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