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Updated 22/04/2016

Annual Leave Loading Now Paying and Back Paying

CPSU and WorkSafe management have been in dispute about the salary cap for payment of annual leave loading, and if and when that salary cap should be adjusted and we won and WorkSafe is now paying and backpaying.


The dispute was referred to the Australian Industrial Relations Commission and mediated by Commissioner Smith.

As a result of this mediation, WorkSafe agreed to adjust the cap annually and back pay those staff who were eligible but whose salary was above the old unadjusted cap.

CPSU expected that this back pay would be paid early in July, as soon as the new certified agreement was in place; however WorkSafe decided that the annual leave loading back pay would be paid in early December, at the same time as this year s leave loading.

The cap for 2009 is $72,942.

The wait is now over and eligible members will receive the back pay in this pay as well as an Annual Leave Loading payment as per our WorkSafe Victoria Certified Agreement.

4% Pay increase from 1 December - Happy Pay Day

Our WorkSafe Victoria Certified Agreement also provides for a 4% pay increase effective from 1 December 2009.

This is the second 4% increase this year arising from our new Certified Agreement and reflects the hard work that members, delegates and CPSU Organisers and Officials have put into achieving good outcomes through the Certified Agreement negotiations.

New WorkSafe Organiser

Jimmy Reid will replace Andrew Lester as Organiser for WorkSafe. Jimmy has extensive experience with Unions having previously worked for AMWU and CEPU. Jimmy can be contacted by phone on 9639 1822 or by email jreid@cpsuvic.org

Do You Know YOUR Delegates?

Elections for CPSU delegates at WorkSafe were concluded recently and a list of the delegates follows.

Exhibition Street:
Alex Blaelock
Andrea Summits
Anne Payne
Bill Pappas
David Wawrzyniuk
Doug Wait
Geraldine Zeccola
Grant Odgers
Jonathan Gray
Lina Marsi
Phillipa Maloney-Walsh
Robin Ross

Regional Victoria:
Steve McNair – Bendigo
Philip Grimson – Dandenong
Richard (John) Knight – Mildura

If your work area is not represented and you are interested in being a delegate (or would like to assist in any capacity), please contact Jimmy Reid and arrangements can be made to have you recognised as a delegate.


CPSU Victorian Branch Secretary

Thursday, December 03, 2009

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