Water News: GMW Agreement Update

Updated 22/04/2016

It's official - GMW is on the take (and take, and take)!
Even from the Diggers and the Sick!

Goulburn Murray Water revealed their intention to IGNORE our claim that the new 2010 EBA contain NO REAL REDUCTION in current terms and conditions instead using the opportunity to introduce to negotiations a series of cuts in entitlements.

CPSU and AWU delegates met with GMW management to discuss a re-drafting proposal for our 2010 Agreement after two recent water industry EBA s have been settled with moderate increases for employees primarily for redrafting, tidying up, and for correcting ambiguous and unnecessary clauses.

This is an efficiency measure worthy of an increase.

GMW is proposing a major redrafting and consolidating current addendums and common employment conditions into the one document.

Efficiency measures recognise productivity enhancements
e.g.: redrafting the EBA, introducing new performance assessment measures.

CPSU and AWU have yet to agree or approve the operation of the ‘Balanced Score Card as a performance assessment measure and it has been presented as a measure for the 2010 EBA by GMW.

GMW, as part of the drafting exercise, revealed their intention to IGNORE the CPSU/AWU claim that the 2010 EBA contain NO REAL REDUCTION in current terms and conditions instead using the opportunity to introduce a series of cuts in terms and conditions.

The cuts to current conditions proposed include;

- Change pays from fortnightly to monthly
- Compulsory medical exams for drugs and alcohol at GMW s discretion
- Increasing Probation Period
- Reducing entitlements for Jury Service
- Restricting expense entitlements
- Altering access and entitlement to the taking of long service leave
- A proposed straight reduction in personal/sick leave from 15 days per annum to 10 days per annum.

For Defence Force and former Defence Force members GMW is proposing removing the current Clauses 28.4 that specify make up pay and other conditions for serving defence force members and completely removing the clause that grants Special Sick (War/Peace Keeping Service) Leave, Clause 29.

Further proofreading may expose more reductions.

Delegates will meet with members over the next week or so to discuss the progress of our EBA and the negotiating team meets again 18 and 19 March to negotiate the proposals.

Following these discussions general meetings of members will take place to discuss progress and direction for the negotiating team.

Please distribute this bulletin and ask your colleagues to join CPSU to have their voice heard and views represented.

CPSU - 125 in 2010.

When 1,000 colonial public servants crammed into the Athenaeum Hall in Collins Street on 17 June 1885 to form the Victorian Public Service Association they had no idea that we d be still here and turning 125 this year.



CPSU Victorian Branch Secretary

Thursday 11 March 2010


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