SLV Bullying Survey report

Updated 22/04/2016

CPSU Report
Bullying and Contributing
within the
State Library of Victoria
March 2010


Organizational culture and management practice are strong contributing factors where bullying occurs within any organization. Organizational change, leadership and management styles, systems of work and workplace relations are major contributing factors in the prevalence of bullying within an organization. Management practice and values seem to be areas where the Library s stated position and actuality for staff show varied application and little consistency with stated values and management and leadership principles. This survey was designed to help pinpoint areas of concern so that practices can be improved to better meet the values and principles as stated in the State Library s Enterprise Partnership Agreement.


This Survey has been designed by the CPSU to garner information around the issue of bullying . A culture of bullying has been raised as a concern with the CPSU on a continual basis over the last 18 months. The survey looks at three specific areas that directly contribute to bullying and the continuation of a bullying culture:

  • staff perception of managers application of SVL Values and Management Principles
  • staff experience of bullying at SLV
  • staff personal stress levels

A total of 70 members from across all divisions of the library participated in this survey, making it a statistically significant sample.


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