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Updated 22/04/2016

are YOU part of the ‘secret workforce’ within the Public Service?
There are now a significant number of contract and labour hire employees that work alongside VPS staff in both managerial and operational VPS positions.  

These employees now constitute a considerable percentage of the workforce within the Victorian public service.  

These employees are being engaged because of the policy work overload but via job placement agencies to hide their numbers and avoid meaningless quota decrees from Finance like Project 3000.

These employees come to work on a daily basis, perform public service work, function within various legislative frameworks, manage other employees and develop and implement government policies.

They are not, however, Victorian public servants. 

While they may comply with the obligations of VPS employment they are not bound by them.

The Department’s pay a great deal more for these staff through labour hire multinationals but generally, these employees receive the same pay as their VPS counterparts but they do not receive other significant entitlements of employment which VPS employees have and their public sector unions have fought hard to achieve.

Many do not receive paid sick leave, annual leave or long service leave and of course do not enjoy job security.

CPSU is deeply concerned about this ‘hidden’ workforce within the Victorian public service because the use of contract and labour hire staff undermines important public sector employment principles and restricts career opportunities for VPS staff. 

This ‘secret workforce’ is also denied opportunities to be promoted and be developed. 

The practise also creates inequities in employment conditions between VPS staff and the contractor/labour hire employees and VPS employees should not receive lower rates then contractors and Contractors should receive the same benefits received by VPS staff.

CPSU believes that one set of employment standards should apply across all Victorian public service jobs and has invested heavily in negotiated federally registered and enforceable Agreements.

CPSU is seeking transparency about the use of contract and labour hire staff in the Victorian public sector and is raising this issue with the Victorian Government.

CPSU needs to know more about the hidden workforce and the union encourages our members to come forward and talk about their ‘work arrangements’.

CPSU would like to hear how it works at your workplace. 

E-mail to help us to help you.

CPSU Victorian Branch Secretary

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