Open Channel: PS Regionalisation Strategy

Updated 22/04/2016

If it's Attrition and No-one is Sacked or Forced then it's NOT Relocation.

Learning from past lessons, the Government has announced that 400 jobs will be relocated (sic) to the key centres of Ballarat, Bendigo and Moe while emphasising legal obligations, consultation, only by attrition with no forced redundancies or retrenchments.


The locations named already contain existing government call support centres.

CPSU State Secretary said that all employers know that promotional opportunities drive employee location choices and this is what we ll be advocating to government following their announcement.

CPSU welcomes the investment in PS jobs and the commitment that nobody will be forced to chose between their family and their job.

CPSU looks forward to the negotiations around the detail including discovering the breadth of the incentives on offer and the redeployment plan.


TAC employees were forcibly relocated and it cost taxpayers $76M in incentives and retention payments and in the end most of the workforce didn't make the shift and nearly a whole workforce was replaced.

With the State Revenue Office, half the workforce - 200 jobs, were earmarked for a move and again the workforce was mostly replaced destroying corporate knowledge and taking the many years since to re-build the trust and relationships but now senior managers are drifting back to the Melbourne office for lack of career opportunities.

Rural Finance consolidated their head office functions at their existing Bendigo site office and continues to operate throughout seven other regional locations. Melbourne based staff were retrenched when the office relocated.

The Government did establish from scratch a Housing maintenance call centre at Moe and consulted abour employment opportunities and a new workforce was employed.


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