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Updated 22/04/2016

Why Would You Want to Keep Your Employees in the Dark?
CPSU had dragged Serco into Fair Work Australia because of their refusal to provide proper communication channels between the union and Serco employees leading up to the new Agreement (EBA) negotiations.

Serco management had been asked to provide email addresses to CPSU which would allow the Union to contact employees directly.

Serco refused to do this.

Serco were then asked to forward CPSU bargaining update bulletins to employees, which would have the same effect as far as CPSU is concerned.

Serco refused to do this also.

What they are prepared to do is to advise employees of CPSU's website where information can be posted.

Serco will also consider a proposal that CPSU be invited to attend meetings of employees organised by Serco ‚Äö?Ñ?¨ but don t hold your breath on that one.

The reason why they don t want to cooperate is obvious:

Serco don t want employees talking to each other about the new Agreement and they don t want Camera Operators to work together towards a decent and fair outcome.

The longer they keeps employees isolated, and in the dark, the longer they can keep suppressing wage negotiations.

Only a strong, united workforce can bring a balance back into the employment relationship.

So, let s work together, and make the very difficult job that Camera Operators do better paid, safer, and fairer.

For information on this and for advice on employment conditions, please contact CPSU Organiser Jimmy Reid on 0435 883 909.

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CPSU Victorian Branch Secretary

30 June 2010

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