Ministerials - Members Vote YES to 4 Year Deal

Updated 22/04/2016

Members Vote ‘Yes’ to New Ministerial Agreement

CPSU members have overwhelmingly endorsed the new Agreement in an email vote.

Key Features include;

1. A new 4-year agreement expiring on 1 October 2011 following a request from the government for a four-year deal to avoid any possible conflict with the election year (2010).

2. Pay increases of:

• 1.75% from 1 October 2007; (a total of 3.25% for 2007)
• 3.25% from 1 October 2008;
• 3.25% from 1 October 2009;
• 3.25% from 1 October 2010.

It is significant that the first pay rise is being backdated as this has been difficult to achieve elsewhere. It is only possible because a Heads of Agreement was signed late last year.

3. An increase in the commuted overtime allowance from 3% to 5%, operative from 1 October 2007 (see current clause 12.4.1). This improvement was possible because the parties agreed to discuss both performance reviews and the car parking policy during the life of the Agreement. Importantly, nothing was traded for this increase.

4. Service delivery and productivity improvements arising from:

• A joint commitment to review annual progression, performance review and professional development processes within [date to be agreed].
• A new car park policy to be developed in consultation with staff to allow the voluntary exchange of existing car parks for a new transport allowance, and establishing criteria for allocating new car parks.

5. Inclusion of emergency services leave as per the Victorian Public Service Agreement 2006.

6. Removal of public holidays in calculating the paid parental/adoption leave entitlement.

7. Increased rigour in the process for applying for and considering time-in-lieu applications (as set out in draft clauses 13.11.3 and 13.11.4 provided by CPSU).

8. Access to annual work value reviews and increased training and development for Grade 1 staff. Administrative staff will have more capacity to progress to Grade 2.

The Agreement is currently working its way through the government processes for sign-off, and CPSU is confident that the pay and commuted overtime increases backdated to 1st October 2007 will be paid shortly.

CPSU will continue to make representations about these payments.

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CPSU members made this outcome possible.

Please encourage your non-member colleagues to join.

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Victorian Branch Secretary

Team Leader, Membership Development

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

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