AMES News: Agreement Negotiation Games

Updated 22/04/2016

Intransigence Continues to Hinder Negotiation Process

CPSU Representatives met again with AMES HR last week in an attempt to progress negotiations however the games continued when AMES presented a hardcopy Draft Agreement (EBA) document which was completely re-written and untracked.



As you can imagine, changes made to an extensive document are incredibly difficult to find, especially when in hardcopy.

CPSU wants to make sure that any proposed Agreement is in the best interest of our many members.

In order to do that, CPSU negotiators need to know exactly what has been changed, where it has been changed, and why.

CPSU asked AMES HR to provide us with an electronic copy of their draft document highlighting and tracking all the changes they had made.

This would enable us to deal with the draft fairly quickly, and our negotiators would have been able to give our comprehensive response to it.

AMES has refused to provide us with an electronic copy, for unknown reasons, which means that the CPSU Bargaining team, and other bargaining representatives, will now have to go through their draft document word by word, and line by line.

This laborious task will drag the negotiation process out for much longer than necessary, but AMES intransigence and bloody-mindedness in refusing to provide an electronic version is the reason for this.

It also raises questions about why they have refused to do so, and their attitude and behaviour is hardly conducive to relationship building or good faith bargaining.

CPSU will make every effort to respond to their draft as soon as possible, and to deliver a good outcome for CPSU members.

An update will be broadcast following our next meeting.

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CPSU Victorian Branch Secretary

Friday 10 December 2010

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