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Disastrous Employee Opinion Survey Results
The results are in – and the picture painted is not very pretty! ACCS 2010 Employee Opinion Survey tells us what staff already knew – that the management at ACCS is failing – and the restructure which took place earlier this year has been a disaster for ALL.

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EOS confirms ACCS was below the benchmark for every single category it was measured on.

It was even under the benchmark for Workplace Health & Safety, and it was 28 points under the benchmark on Leadership & Direction – no surprises there.

On Effective Management, less than half of the employees felt their managers were up to the mark, and only a fraction felt the restructure had been successful.

In short, employees are overwhelmingly saying that ACCS is poorly managed, poorly organised, has low workplace morale, there is little leadership or direction, and that WorkSafe s image has been tarnished.

If something is not done soon about how ACCS is managed, the slide will continue, employees will continue to be unhappy, and WorkSafe s reputation will continue to suffer in the eyes of the public it serves.

CPSU has already met with HR and expressed the fears about the environment employees are expected to work in.

CPSU will meet with ACCS members shortly to hear directly as we continue to improve this workplace and take our concerns to the highest level of WorkSafe.


An application was made to Fair Work Australia (FWA) arising out of ACCS management s refusal to advise employees that attendance at their 2-day session held in Lorne was entirely voluntary.

Employees had previously been advised by management that attendance was compulsory.

CPSU took this matter up with HR, and they agreed that attendance should be on a voluntary basis, and advised ACCS management of this. However, ACCS management refused to advise employees that they had a choice in the matter.

An application was then made to Fair Work Australia, and the matter was heard the day before the Lorne session was due to take place.

FWA issued the following statement:

“This is a dispute notified by the CPSU in relation whether attendance at a particular conference by certain employees of WorkSafe was compulsory.

WorkSafe has confirmed that attendance is not compulsory. It has informed the relevant employees by email that attendance is not compulsory and advised the CPSU that has occurred. WorkSafe also advised that it has in fact fielded enquiries from employees who have sought not to attend for reasons of family responsibility and that those requests not to attend have been met.

This record of the mention has been made pursuant to the discussion of Vice President Lawler so that it should be necessary there is an official record of the outcome of this matter”.

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Staff now know, of course, that ACCS sent an email out at 4.11pm, when most employees had already left for the day, and we know that there was no mention that attendance that weekend was on a voluntary basis.

So much for commitments given by ACCS to Fair Work Australia.

Little wonder morale is so low at ACCS!

To discuss these matters further, please contact CPSU Organiser Jimmy Reid on 0435 883 909.

Please distribute this bulletin and ask your colleagues to join CPSU to have their voice heard and their views represented.


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Friday 3 September 2010

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