Industrial Action Item 16: Indefinite or Periodic Ban on Using Private Credit Cards or Cash

Updated 22/04/2016

The industrial action

Action 16: Indefinite or periodic ban on using private credit cards, cash etc. to make small purchases and then getting reimbursed by petty cash.


How to implement this industrial action

This action can be taken by not making small purchases for work purposes using your own money but only making those purchases if you have been given petty cash beforehand.


What are my rights and responsibilities in relation to protected Industrial Action?

Read the article on Members' Rights At Work to get more information about your rights and responsibilities when taking Protected Industrial Action.


Industrial Action Checklist
Legally you must comply with very specific requirements before commencing industrial action, otherwise you will not be protected and may suffer adverse actions from your employer. This means you need to follow the exact industrial action as authorised by our Protected Action Ballot. In particular check:
  • The employer has been given 72 hours notice that you will be undertaking the specific industrial action.
  • The action you take is exactly as described on this page.
  • Ring the union and ask your organiser if you are unsure.


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