Baillieu starts shedding Jobs but where is he?

Updated 22/04/2016

Breaking News ...... DHS confirms 500 jobs to go but 2 new Senior Execs appointed - view Protecting Jobs section above

CPSU has now received correspondence from DHS Secretary Gill Callister announcing a raft of proposed changes while confirming 500 job to go as a result of the Govt's un .. sustainable policy initiative.

CPSU wrote to Gill Callister two weeks ago to ask the question on who's not frontline?  Who does the cut apply to?  No response not surprisingly just a re-org and further franchising of the Department.  V. inefficient.

Breaking News .... DSE off-loading 200 staff on fixed term contracts - view Protecting Jobs section above

Regional Victorian communities are being devastated by breaking news that a major regional employer, DSE, has started telling hundreds of staff on contracts that their job will finish.

Breaking News ... EPA starts offloading their contracted staff which make up 16% of their workforce.  Why isn't EPA frontline?


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