Condoms and Dental Dams Trial Update

Updated 22/04/2016

The stage 1 pilot of the Condoms and Dental Dams trial across Dame Phyllis Frost centre, Tarrengower, Marngoneet and Dhurringile prisons has been completed and an evaluation report was also completed.

14 recommendations came from the evaluation report with a majority of the recommendations being accepted and endorsed by Corrections Victoria (CV) and CPSU.

The key recommendations will be included into the roll out of stage 2 of the Justice Health program.  The issues that CPSU still had concerns with were related to the potential for additional distribution points.

CPSU’s position is that members will not oppose additional points as long as Justice Health manages controls and oversees any additional distribution points after consultation with CPSU.

CV has made it clear that sanctions for misuse of condoms are already able to be imposed following the finding of guilt at a Governor’s Disciplinary Hearing. 

Where such misuse is alleged, CV would expect that the prisoner would be charged with a prison offence under Reg. 50(1)(b) or (u) of the Corrections Regs 2009.

In relation to the potential for prisoners to stockpile condoms and dental dams it was agreed that any problems in relation to this item would be monitored by the OH&S Working Group.

Stage 2 will involve a prison briefing including CPSU delegates and Health and Safety Representative(s) (HSR), followed by a risk assessment involving a local delegate & HSR.

Stage 2 of the Condoms and Dental Dams program will be rolled out over the next 2 weeks to Hopkins Correctional Centre (Ararat), Langi Kal Kal and Loddon followed by Beechworth, Judy Lazarus Transition Centre and Fulham prison.

The risk assessment will inform the development of a prison implementation plan that will be used for the basis of its implementation into the prison.  

The local OH&S committee will monitor the local implementation and forward any concerns onto representatives of the OH&S Working Group.

CPSU will be seeking representation for a CPSU delegate and also a HSR from Stage 2 prisons onto the OH&S Working Group.  

A CPSU delegate/HSR will also be sought from Fulham prison.  Carl Marsich will be coordinating the OH&S Working Party representation.

From mid June discussions will commence for the extension of stage 2 to Barwon, MRC, MAP and Port Phillip prisons.

Any delegate, HSR or member seeking further information or clarification on the Condom and Dental Dam program should contact Carl Marsich CPSU OH&S officer on 94136645 or mobile 0419762271 or via email to

CPSU Victorian Branch Secretary

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

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