PS Wages Arbitration Underway

Updated 22/04/2016

Our public service wages arbitration hearings is underway before a Fair Work full bench.  Day 1 - PN745 onwards.  Day 2 & Day 3.  Silks are everywhere so it’s a little hard to believe the Government has no money for a decent pay rise and the world will end, as they argue, if they have to pay.  Approx. 40,000 employees are awaiting this outcome as we haven't had a pay rise since 1 October 2010.

 - Government submits;

Govt says employees can have 2.75% per year over 4 years with individual contracts (IFA’s) on everything including hours, overtime, penalties, loadings, and allowances.  Govt also wants progression payment access to be tightened to ‘meeting the standards of excellence in the “progression criteria” with 6 months in role to qualify for payment.

 - CPSU submits;

The union says a three year Agreement is appropriate with these payments to employees;

  1 October 2011 - 3.7%
  1 October 2012 - 3.25%
  1 February 2013 - 3%
  1 October 2013 - 3%
  1 February 2014 - 3%
  1 October 2014 - 3%

This wages arbitration covers 36,000 Victorian govt employees from 400 different occupations across all VPS departments and agencies.  

Another 4,000 employees in our Arts institutions, Parliament, Parks, VicSES have their wages linked to VPS outcomes.

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