Baillieu E-Mails Job Cuts

Updated 22/04/2016

Baillieu sneaks out Job Cuts Announcement at 10 mins to 5 on friday arvo.

TV ads commence - Baillieu Cuts 4,200 PS Jobs

Television advertisements condemning the Baillieu Government’s decision to axe thousands of public service jobs have commenced across regional Victoria this weekend, CPSU State Secretary Karen Batt announced today.

Ms Batt said, ‘Ted Baillieu promised to fix services and protect jobs before the election.’

‘But now Baillieu’s cutting 4,200 jobs and says it won’t hurt services.’

‘Victorians won’t be fooled,’ she said.

Ms Batt said ‘three (3) versions of the ad would saturate TV screens in regional Victoria for the next two (2) weeks commencing this weekend.’ 

- 45 sec
- 30 sec
- 15 sec

‘These job losses will have a widespread effect on services across all government agencies with health, education, the courts and police support the biggest casualties.’

‘Every employee contributes to the delivery of services and dismissing some jobs as ‘unnecessary’ as the Premier and Treasurer have stated, is reprehensible and irresponsible.’

‘There is 1/3 less public service workers now than there was twenty years ago.’ *

‘His employees will be asking why Ted Baillieu wanted to win Government, because he clearly doesn’t want to run one,’ she said

*State Services Authority Workforce Stats

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