Workload is a Management Issue

Updated 22/04/2016

Don’t make it yours!  With thousands of jobs now gone it's inevitable that workload increases. There have been many reports to CPSU of areas struggling to arrange their new workloads equitably.  Workload is an issue for management to arrange fairly.  It is not up to employees to make the workload in your unit or in your role reasonable and equitable.  With our services suffering despite the professionalism of the workforce, and the Government deaf to the problem while our Executive management refuses to stand up for their services and staff, it's time to place the responsibility back where it belongs. 

•    If you are being asked to work outside the 76 hour fortnight and are not being offered time in lieu or flexible hours to compensate, we want to hear from you.

•    If you are being expected to work over and above the 76 hour fortnight, we  want to hear from you.

•    If you are being asked to take on tasks outside your areas of responsibility and put under pressure to produce work in which you have neither background or skills, we want to hear from you.

Please contact your Workplace Representative or Organiser immediately either post here or email

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