MOSPS Counter Offer Endorsed

Updated 22/04/2016

An impressive 93% of Members of State Parliament staff (MOSPS) CPSU members who participated in the recent survey have endorsed our Counter Offer.  Management’s offer of settlement has now been rejected.  Our Counter Offer has been submitted to Parliament.  Bargaining will re-commence this Friday, 15 March.  To progress the bargaining this counter offer will not include everything we want, but it is a fair deal, and one that we believe meets the needs of both Parliament and Employees.  It's fairer than the divisive offer made by Parliament.

Parliament's Offer, the Next Part is Up to Us

The 'package” offer made by Parliament includes a proposed wages outcome which is in excess of the Government wages offer, but also includes so-called bankable savings, or concessions being sought, that allow for such an offer to be made. 

Bankable productivity suggested savings inc: extend Probation to 6 months, compulsory termination period reduction from 3 weeks after declaration of poll to 2 weeks, performance management - new underperformance clause, new personal leave evidence requirements, introductory age based salary rates, workload management allowance discontinued for part-time electorate officers and replaced with additional hours, salary on commencement management position, purchased Leave clause, and four year EBA ending 30June 2016.

These bankable savings include items that are vehemently opposed by our Bargaining Team.  Overall it is a poor offer.  But it is an offer and CPSU wishes to discuss this in detail with you and gain direction for the next step in negotiations.

Enterprise Agreement Update

Bargaining has re-commenced for 2013 on a new Enterprise Agreement for Electorate Officers.  Two meetings have been held already in January and another is scheduled for 1st February.  DPS Secretary Peter Lochert addressed the 1st meeting, explaining through a power-point presentation why the Department can’t afford more than a 2.5% pay increase.  CPSU's Bargaining Team is more determined than ever to achieve a fair pay outcome for members.  2.5% is NOT fair and it is NOT enough.

Management's Claims

DPS are engaging in fanciful and time wasting ambit by proposing that Part-Time employees lose their Workload Management Allowance (3%) in exchange for paying part-time employees for all hours worked up to 38 hours per week.


At the moment, some additional hours up to 38 hours are unpaid (for the beginning of each financial year)


CPSU does not agree with creating a two-tiered system for Full-Time and Part-Time employees, and views this claim as nothing more than leverage for a lower pay outcome.


This is clearly not in the spirit of good faith bargaining.


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