Value Range Progression - Your Rights

Updated 22/04/2016

Progression payments are protected entitlements for all CPSU members under our VPS Workplace Determination 2012 and all our CPSU negotiated Agreements.  Over the performance cycles covered by these Agreements, eligible employees* progress within their Career (Classification) Structures and the performance cycle is twelve months (1 July to 30 June).  * Eligible employees are those meeting the progression criteria and having available progression steps within their Grade.   - Your Rights@Work -

Progression between progression steps or amounts will occur when an Employee is assessed at his or her annual performance review as ‘meeting the progression criteria” outlined in the Employee’s performance plan.  The “progression criteria” are to be agreed with each Employee at the start of the performance cycle or upon the Employee’s commencement in a role.   The “progression criteria” may be adjusted by agreement during the performance cycle.   All Employees can expect informal and formal feedback about their performance throughout the performance cycle with their supervisor or manager, and a performance review is undertaken at the end of each performance cycle.   Our Agreements spell out that an Employee will not be disadvantaged where learning and development opportunities are not available.   It is expected that in setting agreed progression criteria the overwhelming majority of persons within Grades 1 to 4 will achieve the objectives and should move through the salary points.  This is to be contrasted with persons in Grades 5 to Senior Technical Specialist.  

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