Entitlements Unilaterally Changed - Operation Comet

Updated 22/04/2016

Fishery officer’s work in one of the most comprehensively regulated industries in the State and are often walking the fine line between legislation and common sense.

Their dedicated service is not without risk and the last thing they need is to lose the support of their management or have their terms and conditions eroded or taken away.

In the past side arms, paid meals and telephone calls have all disappeared; vacancies remain unfilled, new reporting regimes introduced, restrictions on vehicle use cause longer response times or no response depending on available funds.

Recently as a result of non payment of entitlements to those CPSU members participating in Operation Comet, particularly the payment of overtime, these matters have been brought to a head after fishery officer approaches, including CPSU representations, to the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) failed to resolve these differences.

DPI has used the Operation Plan for “Comet” and the introduction, without any consultation, of revised Standard Operating Procedures for rosters and overtime that could breach the Victorian Public Service Agreement 2006 and deny CPSU members their rightful entitlements.

This matter will now be subject to proceedings in the Australian Industrial Relations Commission this week.

In Summary VPSA 2006 provides for these entitlements; Appendix 8-Department of Primary Industries, Part 1-Standby, Recall and Related Matters, Part 2-Rest Periods, Paid Rest Period for Fisheries Compliance Work, Part 3-Allowances, Part 4-Emergency Work, and Part 5-Overtime.

VPSA 2006 - Clause 7 Savings Provisions and Relationship with Other Awards and Agreements, and Clause 34 Shift Work.

CPSU Fishery Officer’s are encouraged to visit http://www.cpsuvic.org/index.php?view=article&id=1419
to view your terms and conditions of employment.

These entitlements apply State-wide and are not able to be unilaterally altered by the Department.


CPSU will continue to support members throughout this matter.

Staff who are not yet members wishing to join can access membership forms via the following link;

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CPSU Victorian Branch Secretary

Monday, 14 May 2007

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