The Service Needs Your Input

Updated 22/04/2016

Our current Agreement (Victorian Public Service Workplace Determination 2012) contains all our entitlements at work and has set out our wage rates and increases since 2012 in the current career (classification) structure(s).  Our Agreement is the most important document of our working life.  This Agreement (VPS Workplace Determination 2012) will nominally expire on 31st December 2015.  The Agreement sets out a renegotiation period from 30 September 2015 until 1 December 2015 with the aim to permit a new agreement to be reached in 2015 and avoid protracted negotiations.  What are your issues and priorities?  Take our workplace bargaining survey to have your say.

  • Is Workload & Job Security more important or equally as important as Wage Increases?
  • What about your classification and career path opportunities?  Are you at the top of your Grade?
  • How much Superannuation?  Should Progression better reflect team outcomes?
  • Need more Annual Leave?  Improved Life / Work / Family balance?
  • Should CPSU better enforce the conditions we already have in our current Agreement like paid overtime, the abuse of TIL?
  • Is health and safety the most important work issue as well as the systems of work at your agency.

Bargaining will occur under the protections provided by the federal Fair Work legislation and CPSU members are automatically represented.  Let your colleague know that the best way to have a voice and their views represented is to join CPSU.  Come and join the people who are working to make the Victorian Public Service a better, fairer place for workers, for clients and the community.

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