In-Car Mounts a Sheriff Concern

Updated 28/08/2017

Implementation of a suitable mounting device for the in-car tablets has been the subject of long discussions between CPSU and SOV.

There was the convincing, the ergonomic assessments, changes to vehicles both sedan and new vans and reports completed to determine best fit for sheriffs vehicles ensuring officers are provided with highest level of safety. Once a design was agreed, and some fitted,  SOV  further engaged a specialist to examine the appropriateness of the mount after an incident in the field.

CPSU delegates and Organiser Julie McKeown met with SOV representatives last Friday. It is clear the current mounts in vehicles, utilising laptops, pose a serious risk to officers due to air bag deployment fitted into the new Camry’s. It was agreed that the use should cease and mounts would be removed immediately. Until this occurs you should not use the lap tops mounted in the vehicles.

SOV have advised they are engaging with a specialist project team through RMIT, which essentially is an assessment done on Laboratory type arrangements. This will require 6 officers of differing gender, body size, short and long driving tasks, workflow an working in the load bearing vests. This will facilitate a collection of data and the laboratory will analyse and provide results for mitigation purposes. If the green light is given this should be able to commence over the coming weeks, likely to be September.

CPSU have proposed that daily work sheets should be completed manually and documented on computers at start of shift the following day. SOV are contemplating this question and also the use of lap tops for use in short bursts in slow moving vehicles. The union understand officers are wanting to get the job done in a timely manner, however there is no point highlighting these issues if the support is waning on the ground. Let’s ensure we achieve the best OHS solutions for officers. We will keep you updated as this matter progresses.

Please  email Julie or call 9639-1822 for any further information.

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