Indigenous Employment Strategy

Updated 28/08/2017

Stephen Walsh will support the coordination of the Victorian Government’s Public Sector BARRING DJINANG Aboriginal Employment Strategy.

CPSU, in partnership with the Victorian Public Sector Commission’s Aboriginal Employment, welcomes Stephen Walsh into the newly created role of Indigenous Liaison Officer.

Stephen has been employed in the Public Service Sector for the past 16 years and has been active in the representation and recruitment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples working in the sector. He has developed, and convened, CPSU’s Indigenous Branch Section and created awareness to build the Section over several years as a member.

Due to his commitment to and interest in the union, Stephen is also the national CPSU/SPSF Representative working with the ACTU Indigenous Committee.

CPSU supports our Indigenous membership and their participation in programs, such as candidates participating in the VPS Cadetship Program.

Stephen will be having regular meetings with key stakeholders to identify issues and barriers to Aboriginal employment within the Victorian Public Service, and to implement solutions.

Should any members wish to contact Stephen you may email him or call 9639-1822.

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