Areas to Manage CP Delivery

Updated 02/10/2017

DHHS have issued a change proposal for the reorganisation of Child Protection service delivery across the Divisions.

The key impacts of the proposed redesign of Child Protection for Operations Divisions and Areas are:

  1. The management of Child Protection Operations moving to Area.  Area Directors will be accountable for the operational management of child protection services in 17 Areas.
  2. Each Division will have a Director, Child Protection, reporting to the Operational Deputy Secretary and responsible for maintaining consistency of operational service delivery, consistency of practice, implementation of change and reforms.

DHHS have also proveded a fact sheet and Q&A as additional information about the proposed changes for staff.

In accordance with our Agreement affected employees are entitled to have representation and meaningful input into the proposed changes.

The consultation process requires that the employer considers any response you put to them, and if required, allows for employees or their representatives to create an alternative proposal.

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